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CLAUDIO RONCOLI / Visual Artist 



Claudio Roncoli born on March 19, 1971, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Graduate (1995) of the National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón, Buenos Aires. Resides in the United States and produces between New York and Miami. Recipient of a 2016 National Endowment for the Arts Grants, Miami; USA.


Won a Grammy Awards and a Latin Grammy in 2017 for Best Art Director in Record Package. As guest artist intervened: Hérmes, Levis, Nestlé, Toyota, Samsung, Saks Fifth Avenue, Absolut and Rolling Stone Magazine.


Most important solo shows

• “Empty” Adelina Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brasil.

• “Change to Balance” Artium Art Gallery, Miami.

• “Encounter Latin & Korean” Busan Art Center, Korea.

• “B Side” Document Art Gallery. Buenos Aires.

• “Black Life”. fine Arts Museum "Dr. Urbano Poggi"- Santa Fé, Argentina.

• Gallery 415, San Francisco, EE.UU.

• “Black Life”. SUBTE, Contemporary Art Center, Uruguay – Montevideo.


Most important group shows

• “Local Geometry”, Artium Art Gallery, Miami.

• “Second Chances” MAC Art Gallery. Miami, USA.

• “Processions” Contemporary Art Museum, Salta, Argentina.

• “Crisis Paper” - Normalismo Museum - Coahuila, México.

• “Minjín/Roncoli: Life Venus” – Enlace Gallery, Argentina.

• “Ojo Latino” Museum of Contemporary Art, Chile.

• “The Question is Known: (W)here is Latin American/Latino Art? Misión C C for Latino Arts. San Francisco. USA.


Selected in the following awards

• Second Prize, 5th Painting Biennal “Premio Ciudad de Rafaela” Santa Fe, Argentina.

• “IV National Contest UADE” - Bs. As. Argentina.

• “VI Salón Gravat Olot” - Cataluña, España.

• II National Contest Prize Platt, Bs. As. Argentina.

• Award Hebraica "Stimulus Young Painters" Argentina.

• VI International Digital Art, La Habana, Cuba.

• City Bank Foundation Award, National Museum of Fine Arts. Argentina.

• Second International Contest "Digital Prints Gravat Olot", Spain.


Acrilico sobre papel

28 X 38 cm

2017 / Sau Paulo / Brasil